Sushi parties

We offer professional sushi catering for corporate parties and private celebrations, producing sushi right in front of your guests.


Sushi for you

In Prague, we deliver fresh, professionally and lovingly prepared sushi made from the finest ingredients, right to your door.


Sushi course for profesionals

Sushi training for professionals and groups, presentations of Japanese etiquette and dining culture, performance of the Japanese sushi master Yuki Omaki etc.

Selected testimonial

I’ve found Sushiqueen by accident through an agency, whose voucher I received as a gift. I thought this was a nice gesture, but at the time really did not think much else of it. To my delight, the wonderful sushi lessons and history of sushi which I learnt during this even has been an incredible experience which we will always remember. Every year we organize a corporate New Year’s Eve dinner, and we always try to do something new and interesting. Therefore, I did not hesitate and the company sushi lesson took place in January this year which proved to be a great success. In addition, the delivered raw materials were so good that I took advantage of the provided contact, and, since then, I always buy from the same vendor as Sushiqueen. I recommend this company and everything they offer.

Václav Šamša ~ TDP | Továrna na dokonalé programy, s.r.o. (Ltd.) ~

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