Sushi parties

We offer professional sushi catering for corporate parties and private celebrations, producing sushi right in front of your guests.


Sushi for you

In Prague, we deliver fresh, professionally and lovingly prepared sushi made from the finest ingredients, right to your door.


Sushi course for profesionals

Sushi training for professionals and groups, presentations of Japanese etiquette and dining culture, performance of the Japanese sushi master Yuki Omaki etc.

Selected testimonial

Bára Rektorová prepared sushi at two of our gatherings in 2008 and 2010. Her presentation included not only a rich tasting, but also a very interesting and entertaining explanation, including a welcome possibility to try the production of sushi from the prepared ingredients right on the spot. X’s professional yet unpretentious and friendly manner made a very fine impression on our guests. Her show was the highlight of the evenings’ programme, which corresponds with the second part of its brand name, Sushiqueen. In my opinion, Bára Rektorová belongs to the top Czech gastronomes. I feel this is so because of our cooperation with her and her excellent references, and also because of her willingness to speak openly about the origin of the raw materials, particularly fish which is supposed to be consumed raw. If you want only the best for your social event, I highly recommend asking for X and to give her as much space in the programme as possible. Bára is a real gastronomic personality which we will likely to hear about a lot more. Hire her before her schedule is full.

Robert Vlach ~ Specialist on business support and owner of Na volné ~

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