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Bára Rektorová

Bára Rektorová

I founded Sushiqueen in 2006. I always liked sushi, it wasn’t just an intrerest — I was fascinated! So I decided to explore it more, learn all there was to it, and offer only the best stuff to sushi lovers in Central Europe.

I still wonder sometimes how I even dared to name my company Sushiqueen. Perhaps it helped that – just like any queen – I wasn’t there on my own. Queen Elisabeth had her Walsingham, Queen Victoria her Wellington. I had (and still have) Yuki.

Yuki Omaki

Yuki Omaki

Yuki is so much more than just our chef. Above all, he’s my friend, buddy, and watchdog. Sometimes he might look ready to growl, but that’s because he’s intensely looking after the quality of our food and the way it’s prepared. In truth, he’s a kind, friendly guy (even if he doesn’t talk much).

He likes to paint and doesn’t like to be photographed. What he loves, though, is classic sushi, where it’s years of experience and expert knowledge of ingredients that make a great impression, not just some fancy decoration.

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From me and Yuki.

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