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Sushi as a Christmas present


As usual, we can offer you several ways to give sushi as a present to your loved ones. We’ve arranged everything so that the gift is a true gift, that is, an experience that makes someone happy so you can throw your cares to the wind. Give a sushi course as a present The home sushi course is […]

Sushi for children


Children love sushi – it’s fun, colourful and you can eat it with your hands. On the other hand, most children don’t like trying new food and they’re often discouraged by the appearance of nori seaweed in classic sushi. So how can you prepare quality sushi for children? Here are a few hints and tips. Sushi […]



My new favourite kind of sushi is temaki.  It is the freshest sushi you can get and it’s eaten only a few seconds after preparation. And you make it yourself, with your hands. That’s why it’s called temaki (te means “a hand” or “hands” in Japanese, so temaki is sushi rolled with your own hands). I was so excited after our […]

Why is sushi so good?


When you’re preparing a meal, fresh and quality ingredients, the right method, a beautiful appearance, and a pleasant atmosphere at the table are important. But for sushi, even all this doesn’t guarantee success. Sushi is not only good, it also becomes an experience that can completely absorb you—that is why it needs more. When I first tasted sushi, I was shocked. How could something possibly be this good? I was […]

No cheap sushi, please


The phenomenon of cheap sushi has started spreading. The seller often presents it as “quality for a reasonable price”. Is it a loathsome mockery or a chance to pay less for quality sushi? Let’s take a look, shall we? The box miracle Yes, we can see sushi in boxes in some supermarkets. However, sushi cannot be stored in the fridge. There is no ideal temperature […]

It’s high time!


Spring is here, and for me spring means planting. Planting seeds, that is, not evidence. As the proud owner of window sills, each March I torture myself thinking about what I should plant this year. But this year it’s clear to me. In my favourite garden centre, But this year it’s clear to me. In my favourite, I’ve found seeds to […]

Nobel Prize for sushi


A Japanese team of seven scientists won the Nobel Prize last year for the revolutionary use of wasabi. The scientists focused on developing an efficient fire alarm system. Since most Japanese people work extremely hard during the workday, at night, even the loudest screams would not awaken them. But the peppery smell of wasabi filling the apartment awakens […]

How to host a good party


The season of company parties is coming up. If you have been asked to organize a party, please note that the consumption of alcoholic beverages and the performance of belly dancers will not guarantee its success. That is why I’m offering you a bit of advice. You can’t please everyone. If you have been asked to organize a party […]

New photographs


New photos of our sushi are finally online. I wanted to write a short article for the occasion, but I think the photos speak for themselves. Sometimes words are unnecessary. Salmon sashimi with slices of lemon and cucumber garnish Sushi – from the left: tuna (maguro), salmon (sake), and squid (ika) Maki sushi with cucumber (kappa maki) in the shape of […]