Sushi as a Christmas present

Sylva Ficová / 11.12.2012

As usual, we can offer you several ways to give sushi as a present to your loved ones. We’ve arranged everything so that the gift is a true gift, that is, an experience that makes someone happy so you can throw your cares to the wind.

Give a sushi course as a present

The home sushi course is a great gift, not only for sushi lovers but also for beginners who are learning what sushi is. They’ll learn, among other things, to fillet salmon for sushi and sashimi, to make their own sushi and, finally, how to really enjoy sushi.

Give a dinner as a present

If you really want to spoil someone, give them our dinner for two. Not only do you get great sushi, you’ll also get to taste our unique new products: taste symphonies combining hot and cold, juicy and crunchy, foie gras and exotic fruits. But I won’t reveal more: let me surprise you!

Some advice for donors

  •  If you choose this gift, you will receive a gift voucher with a number. If the donee loses the voucher or misplaces it, you don’t have to worry that they will be deprived of the experience. The donor can contact us and we’ll generate a new number for them.
  •  We greatly appreciate your belief that we’ll please your friends. We take it as a commitment to make the experience, whether during the course or the dinner, friendly, luxurious and unforgettable.
  •  As they say, it’s much more fun to give presents than to receive them. But the best gift is to both give and receive something at the same time. You’ve probably noticed that the vouchers are for two people. Therefore, we advise you to give the present to your partner or friend and to take part as well:-)

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