I was looking for sushi suppliers for the InterContinental Hotel to ensure a high standard of quality sushi for our guests. We always try to make our product at a high level and we subordinate everything to this goal. It was one of the main reasons why I'm using the services of Sushiqueen. The quality and services are at a high level and the communication regarding orders is unique.

Miroslav Kubec ~ Executive chef, InterContinental Praha ~ http://www.zlatapraharestaurant.cz

I’ve found Sushiqueen by accident through an agency, whose voucher I received as a gift. I thought this was a nice gesture, but at the time really did not think much else of it. To my delight, the wonderful sushi lessons and history of sushi which I learnt during this even has been an incredible experience which we will always remember. Every year we organize a corporate New Year’s Eve dinner, and we always try to do something new and interesting. Therefore, I did not hesitate and the company sushi lesson took place in January this year which proved to be a great success. In addition, the delivered raw materials were so good that I took advantage of the provided contact, and, since then, I always buy from the same vendor as Sushiqueen. I recommend this company and everything they offer.

Václav Šamša ~ TDP | Továrna na dokonalé programy, s.r.o. (Ltd.) ~ http://www.tdp.cz

Bára Rektorová prepared sushi at two of our gatherings in 2008 and 2010. Her presentation included not only a rich tasting, but also a very interesting and entertaining explanation, including a welcome possibility to try the production of sushi from the prepared ingredients right on the spot. X’s professional yet unpretentious and friendly manner made a very fine impression on our guests. Her show was the highlight of the evenings’ programme, which corresponds with the second part of its brand name, Sushiqueen. In my opinion, Bára Rektorová belongs to the top Czech gastronomes. I feel this is so because of our cooperation with her and her excellent references, and also because of her willingness to speak openly about the origin of the raw materials, particularly fish which is supposed to be consumed raw. If you want only the best for your social event, I highly recommend asking for X and to give her as much space in the programme as possible. Bára is a real gastronomic personality which we will likely to hear about a lot more. Hire her before her schedule is full.

Robert Vlach ~ Specialist on business support and owner of Na volné noze.cz ~ http://www.navolnenoze.cz

Sushi courses at our school have met with a great response to the satisfaction of everyone involved. The co-operation with Mrs Rektorová has always been smooth.

Mgr. Sylva Bartková ~ Střední škola gastronomická a hotelová s.r.o. (Vocational School of Gastronomy and Hotel Industry, Ltd.) ~ http://www.ssgh.cz

Thank you for the perfect course of sushi preparation in the RUST kitchen studio at Bělehradská Street in Prague 4 – Nusle. The three day event was flawless and the clients’ feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Your professional approach and expertise in the field has enriched the knowledge of many of our customers. Based on this positive experience, we will repeat the event and I will be always happy to recommend your services to other clients.

Ing. Jiří Schindler ~ Executive Manager of Dorint – interiéry s.r.o. (Ltd.) ~ http://www.dorint.cz

Thank you for the course and certificate of completion of the sushi course. I recommend it to all, both professionals and amateurs who want to learn more about sushi.

Vlastimil Kocáb ~ Owner of Penzion Sigma guesthouse ~ http://www.penzionsigma.cz

We have been using the services of Mrs. Bára Rektorová for a few years now and our clients have always been absolutely satisfied.

Ing. Marek Mohyla ~ ESENNCE, s.r.o. (Ltd.) ~ http://www.esennce.cz

I was very satisfied with the sushi course of Mrs. Rektorová and her professional approach, patience, and both her practical and theoretical knowledge.

Jan Kohutek ~ Owner of Mukade restaurant ~ http://www.mukade.cz

The evening “Japan at your home” was in all respects a pleasant surprise: delicious food, interesting information, the natural and pleasant company of Mrs. Rektorová. I don’t know what to praise first. The evening was a reminder of my stay in Japan – I could appreciate the knowledge of the Japanese life and the great form in which Mrs Rektorová can really bring Japan to your home!

Luděk Pfeifer